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About My Driving Hours

My Driving Hours started out as an excel spreadsheet for me to keep track of my hours. As I dabble with websites and databases, I decided to create a website so I could access it from anywhere.

Later, whilst attending a DCPC course with a friend, he and others talked about how much of a pain it is to keep track of hours and comply with the current legislation. especially stuff like the payback over three weeks. We chatted and I decided to create a login system and open the site up to him. After a few complaints and some excellent suggestions, it developed into the current website. As he found it useful, he talked about it, and a few of his friends were also added. Eventually it was, "in for a penny, in for a pound" and I opened it up to the world.

The site you now view, is the result. I hope that it is of use to you.

If you use the site and have any suggestions for, features you would like, or dislike, then just contact me, I'm always open for improvement.

Ray Littler